Rules Damn Rules


There are four categoeries of rules here. Rulings are questions that have come up in play that aren’t really mentioned in the rules or are ambivalent. Clarifications are reinterations or clarifications of books from the rules, Rulings can become Clarifications as we look them up, get them answered on forums, etc. House Rules are new rules or rules changes we have implemented. Conversion Rules are rules that have been changed, made up or altered to fit with the GMC update.

House Rules

Spell Factors and Potency

The highest Potency a spell can have is 1+2xRelevant Arcanum. +2 for Rotes.
This also limits other factors individually.

Example: With Space 3 and “Scrying” as a rote, you can at most scry at 9 people at the same time, with a Potency of 9. If it wasn’t a rote, you’d be able to scry 7 people at potency 7.

Hallows produce Tass more slowly. A 5 point Hallow will produce 1 Tass in 1 day. A 1 point Hallow will produce 1 Tass in 5 days.

In general Tass is a bit harder to make, which is why it is so valuable. It takes 5 mana to produce 1 Tass, by whichever method one produces it.

Adding Dice
The most dice a spell or spells can add to an action is equal to the highest arcana used to add dice. If more spells are adding dice, only highest applies.

Example: A Mage is using Perfect Timing to add dice to an action. He has Time 3, so he can at most add +3 Dice.

Conversion Rules

Experience, Beats, Obsessions and Aspirations
Each character has two Obsessions and two Aspirations. It takes 5 Arcane Beats to give 1 Arcana Experience, it takes 5 Beats to give 1 Experience.

Arcana Beats are earned under the following circumstance:
- Advancing or interacting with your Obsessions.
- Turning a spellcasting or magic related roll into a dramatic failure.
- Resolving or earning Beats from a condition earned due to supernatural stuff.
- Interacting with a supernatural mystery of some kind (ST).
- Breaking Points due to supernatural stuff.

Arcane Experience can be spent on the following:
- Legacies
- Arcana
- Gnosis
- Rotes
- Merits

Normal Experience can be spent on the following:
- Attributes
- Skills
- Skill Specialties
- Merits
- Rotes

Armor Spells
There are two types of “Mage Armor”: Armor that makes you hard to hit and applies to grappling and Armor that gives you an Armor rating. Only the highest potency mage armor on a character takes effect, they cannot be stacked (even though they do different things).

As all other armors, armor spells have two ratings, seperated by a “/”. The first rating is how many health levels it absorbs, the second rating is how many health levels are downgraded from lethal to bashing. As opposed to mundane armor, this works on all sources of damage.

Armor looks a follows, dependent on Arcana dots:

Arcana Rating Armor
2 1/1
3 2/1
4 2/2
5 3/2

Grapple-affecting, dodge armor:

Arcana Rating Defence
2 -2
3 -3
4 -4
5 -5


Sometimes a condition should disappear by itself. It can fade away, has stopped being important to the action, the guy who has leverage on you dies or leaves, your embarresing secret becomes irrelevant, and so on.
In this case, it does not give a Beat as it goes away.


Rules Damn Rules

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