General rules:

All conditions should have a descriptive name, a Resolution circumstance and (optionally) a Beat circumstance. All Conditions should also have a mechanical effect of some kind.

+/- 2 Dice is a good range for the mechanical effect. Should be fairly specific in what it applies to; at most an entire skill category or attribute cataegory.

It makes sense for some conditins to fade away or have a time limit as their resolution. In this case, they do not give a beat when they resolves.

New Conditions

Effect: The character suffers a -2 Dice penalty to Social Actions requiring patience and/or understanding and to all Empathy Actions.
Beat: The character fails a roll affected by this Condition.
Resolution: The character either blows up at someone or backs out of a social situation, taking a timeout. Also fades after about a day, unless circumstances are very stressful.

Effect: The character gains +1 to Physical Actions requiring exertion, movement or speed. So not shooting, but swinging a bat, running, lifting weights, swimming etc. Before a roll, this bonus can be increased to +3D, but then the condition is resolved.
Beat: N/A
Resolution: The characters gains the +3D bonus on a roll. Goes away by itself after a good night’s sleep.

Effect: The character is physically exhausted. He/she suffers -1D to all rolls requiring overt physical exertion.
Beat: Turn a physical action into a failure, take a Beat.
Resolution: If the character decides not to do something physical when something could have been gained by doing it, instead resting, catching his breath, etc, he resolves this Condition and gains a Beat. Otherwise it goes away after a good nights sleep.


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