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Hvad man nu har lyst til at skrive er der plads til her :)


What is the worst thing your character has ever done?

He killed his dog. / Extreme animal cruelty could be a good breaking point.

What is the worst thing your character can imagine himself doing?

What is the worst thing your character can imagine some­one else doing?

What has the character forgotten?

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the character?

Evt nogle noter om ting der har ændret sig her.

Character Questionaire

Vælg 5+ spørgsmål at besvare. Ja/nej svar er lidt ubrugelige, så helst en sætning per svar.

What is your favorite movie?

What do you consider your most valuable posses­sion? Why?

Do you have any potentially disturbing secrets?

Who is your best friend?

What are your opinions on gender and/or racial equality?

Have you ever stolen anything? If so, what were the circumstances?

Do you have a hobby?

What are some of your pet peeves?

What are your religious views?

What is your most distinguishing feature?

How old are you?

What was unique about your childhood?

What kind of person were you before your awakening?

What experiences of the supernatural have you had?

What was your awakening like?

Who was your first mentor?

Do you maintain a sanctum?

Do you retain any connections to your sleeper life?

What motivates you?

How did you arrive in Boston?


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