Shadow Name:Potestas

Real Name: Carlo Fendi


Order: Mysterium

Cabal:The Brotherhood of the Ineffable Truth

Legacy: ???

Mental Attributes Physical Attributes Social Attributes
Intelligence 5 Strength 1 Presence 3
Wits 3 Dexterity 1 Manipulation 2
Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 4

Mental Skills Physical Skills Social Skills
Academics 6 Athletics 0 Animal Ken 0
Computer 0 Brawl 0 Empathy 0
Crafts 0 Drive 1 Expression 2
Investigation 1 Firearms 0 Intimidation 3
Medicince 0 Larceny 1 Persuasion 3
Occult 4 (secret societies) Stealth 0 Socialize 2
Politics 4 Survival 1 Steetwise 0
Science 1 Weaponry 1 (swords) Subterfuge 3

Contacts (Academia, Occult Community) 2, Eidetic
Memory, Hallow (Personal) 2, Hallow (Shared) 5,
High Speech, Language (Ancient Greek, French, German,
Hebrew, Latin, Mandarin), Library
(Shared; Ancient Ruins, the Awakened in Politics,
Cryptozoology, Goetia and Numerology), Resources 5, Sanctum
(Personal) 3, Sanctum (Shared) 7, Sleepwalker Retainer
3, Status (Consilium 5, Order 5)

Willpower: 7
Wisdom: 6
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Initiative: 5
Defense: 1
Speed: 7
Health: 7
Gnosis: 7

Fate 4
Forces 5
Life 4
Matter 3
Mind 5
Prime 5
Space 5
Time 2

Fate — Quantum Flux (•), Shifting the Odds (••)
Forces — Control Sound (•), Personal Invisibility (•••), Control Velocity (••••)
; Life — Sense Life (•), Self-Healing (••), Supreme Honing (••••)
Matter — Dark Matter (•)
Mind — Mental Shield (••), Supreme Augment the Mind (••••)
Prime — Magic Shield (••), Celestial Fire (•••), Supernal Dispellation
(••••), Siphon Mana (•••••)
Space — Correspondence (•), Conceal Sympathy (••), Scrying (••)


Potestas has been at the Academy for as long
as anyone can remember. He is seen as akin to the sea, both
tempestuous and eternal. Despite his obvious desires to the
contrary, he has never and, at this point, will never hold the
office of the Hierarch, though he has been a Councilor
through the reign of the Nemean. It is a position Potestas has
held since early in the ascension of the Nemean and from
which the Nemean could not dislodge him, despite the
other’s efforts. Potestas is the loyal opposition, devoted to the
Consilium, even as he stands against the power of the Ebon
Noose and the White Putnams.
Potestas has a lot of ties among Boston’s Awakened, more
than anyone else cares to admit. Some believe that he has at
least one spy in all but one or two of the other cabals of the
area, though this is almost certainly an exaggeration. He is a
master of misdirection, keeping enemies at one another’s
throats and leaving allies guessing as to his true capabilities
and motivations. Despite Potestas’ inability to wrest control
of the Consilium away from the Noose, the Nemean regards
him as his only credible rival, the one man who can challenge
the will of the Hierarch and get away with it.
Potestas’ Demesne is located within his private sanctum,
hidden somewhere in Concord. It is but a single chamber,
opulently appointed and two full stories underground.
Potestas’ soul stone is hidden within an ever-burning font of
silver-white flame (manifested through the Prime Arcanum,
and inflicting aggravated damage upon those that touch it).
Description: Potestas is a tall, lean man with an intimidating
presence. Now in his mid-80s, he looks as though he
keeps standing solely on account of his unwillingness to yield
to age or weakness. His beard and receding white hair are
worn short, and his face is a network of wrinkles, deepening
to shadowed grooves when he frowns in displeasure, which is
often. He invariably wears fine suits, often in black, dark gray
or dark blue, and uses a small, glittering black gemstone of
unknown composition (he claims it is Atlantean) as a tie
tack. His grammar is impeccable, though he always sounds a
little hoarse. His instinct is to talk down to others, and he
holds it in check with great difficulty (and then only when
he truly wishes to).
His Nimbus manifests as a roiling tempest of seething
energy, draped over his body like a kingly cloak and blazing
brilliantly around his head like a crown.


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