Disgruntled goth+wiccan teenager abandoned by her father turned part time investigator (both magical and mundane)


Shadow Name:
Filia Perdidia

Real Name:
Alice Walker

Alternate Identities and Titles:
Melissa Moore (Alternate Identity ••)
Priestess of “The Daughters of the Earthen Mother” (Mystery Cult •••)



None yet but aiming for the something-fire-whisper-majik.


- Find my father and make him regret ever leaving me and my mom.

- Find out more about legend of “The Dethroned Queen”

- Apprehend the loose spirit, if possible before it harms any innocent people.


- Find out what compelled Khatvanga to let the spirit take control of his body.





What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
Stolen from those who barely had enough for them selves.

What is the worst thing your character can imagine herself doing?
Killing her father in a fit of rage

What is the worst thing your character can imagine some­one else doing?
Betraying one’s loved ones

What has the character forgotten?

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the character?
Experiencing being burned at the stake as part of her awakening

Character Questionaire

What is your favorite movie?

What do you consider your most valuable possession? Why?
My Steel wand, I’m a girl of few means beyond my magical abilities, thus my tool to wield my magic is the most precious I own.

Do you have any potentially disturbing secrets?

Who is your best friend?

What are your opinions on gender and/or racial equality?
Women have been living too submissive for too long and should insist on their right to be treated as equal to men

Have you ever stolen anything? If so, what were the circumstances?
As a young girl without proper guidance from anyone, I was more or less heading into a career of petty theft an burglaries, when (Hartwig) caught me trying to get away with a special price he was tasked to protect, but felt pity on me and let me go after I returned the item.

Do you have a hobby?

What are some of your pet peeves?
When women are seen as weak or when people step on other to get what they want.

What are your religious views?

What is your most distinguishing feature?
Long dark red hair and pale skin coupled with a hand-full of piercings.

How old are you?

What was unique about your childhood?
I grew up without my father and with a mother barely able to keep herself together after the break-up.

What kind of person were you before your awakening?

What experiences of the supernatural have you had?

What was your awakening like?
It was a seance turning into a vision of a past which burning where thru the flames I entered into <name> to put my name on the tower.

Who was your first mentor?
In a way it was (Hartwig) since he was first person to take a true interest in my well being.

Do you maintain a sanctum?
My only sanctum is that of the covenant

Do you retain any connections to your sleeper life?
I’m a recognized member of my mystic cult and I still see my mother from time to time.

What motivates you?
Self Sufficiency, Independence, Vengance and Helping those in need.

How did you arrive in Boston?
I was born here


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